aspiring to be social facilitators of change within the built environment, we’re a multi-disciplinary collective who work through digital migratory experiences both culturally + geographically.

As a collective, we believe we are fragments of the 3.09% of migrants, hinging on the front line of what is both global and local, adapting to different cultures, overlapping constructs and interconnected relationships.

And, as however much architecture as a discipline attempts to remain socially agnostic, we believe in being activists of social and spatial change by deconstructing the condition of the built environment and recreating a new human-centered approach that harnesses a global and local outlook.


General Enquiries/ Collabs: info@3pointohnine.com

Talks/Workshops: London@3pointohnine.com

Podcast: Podcasts@3pointohnine.com


Speak with us


Alisha Morenike Fisher - london


Intrigued by identity politics, spatial injustice and biomimicry design within the built environment.

Hani Salih - rotterdam

Co-Founder + podcast producer, @HANIDANIKWOBEAR

How will architects and designers improve the lives of people by applying their skills and expertise to bring about meaningful change in social policy?


Tanatswa Borerwe - london


Passionate about exploring positive representation of coloured women and the intertwining of architecture and art.


Mohamed - cairo

Marketing assistant, @MOHAMEDAMMAR

Interested in sociology and the questions which start with 'Why?

Why not? and How?'

Paul Daramola - LONDON


Intrigued in the future of the collective civilisation through the influence and advancement of technology in all its diversity.


Bola Lasisi- Agiri - London

Graphics Assistant, @kingLA_TAMED

How will different social groups adapt to the new digital world and make experimental content via film, photography and illustrative art?


Saphia Al-Haboubi - London

Contributing Editor, @salhaboubi

Curious about themes such as gentrification, the environmental and social aspects of architecture and art.

Polly Amery - Newcastle

Contributing Editor, @pollyamery

How can we redefine the role of architects in current times?