Taking The First Steps

Wedging along the Hoxton docks and emphasising the community spirit, Better Health Bike + Bakery is a rehabilitation centre that seeks to engage with trawlers, pedestrians, cyclists and local residents particularly those who are disabled and mentally ill. Providing skills training, workshops and support the charity uses these methodologies to integrate more people through their schemes.

Mental health is invisible to the eye, but it’s complexities challenge our existence frequently. As a proposal, our aim is to highlight mental health that is connected to the centre by challenging our perception, using elementsto self organize and restructure social behaviours. In essence, the pavilionis the construction of our mind and we illustrate the process of how our fragility can be alleviated through various possibilities out-layed through the construction, engagement workshops and use of space.

The structure itself can be moved manually which relates to the individual’sparticipation and the power we have to take charge of different perceptions of ourselves. Additionally, the use of the exterior shell is inspired by the area’s canals, bridges and the rust that was previously on the boat relating to its history. As it merges with the ecology of the water, we propose the boat to travels occasionally through the docks stopping in different bays and returning back to Hoxton docks. The movement of the outer shell is also embedded internally as elements can be rotated, pushed and pulled creating different spaces, bridging on different scales and correlating with the movement of water. Taking the first step is about seeking new volumes of possibilities and understanding the power we have to make a change.

The long-term resolution is to occupy the space not only as an activity realm but also to facilitate team-building workshops based on mental health and as an exhibition space highlighting the history of the docks, providing a multi-functional aspect towards our pavillion.