3pointohnine is A collective of globally linked, socially conscious designers and visionaries who aspire to be facilitators of social change within the built environment.

‘Three - Point - Oh - Nine’


The World Population stands at 7.5 billion, United Nations, 2017

There are 232 million migrants internationally, according to the United Nations, 2013. This makes up 3.09% of the global population, and will only increase to match expedient global growth in a connected digital age.

As immigrants, we are part of the 3.09%.



Taking The First


Mental health is invisible to the eye, but it’s complexities challenge our existence frequently. As a proposal for this year’s Antepavilion competition, 'Taking the First Steps', aims to highlight mental health by using playful elements to self-organise and restructure social behaviours. In essence, the pavilion is the construction of the mind, illustrating the process of how our fragility can be alleviated through various possibilities and out-layed through engagement workshops and use of space. Click the link in our bio for more on our project.



Virtual Reality + Architecture Futures

“If you could design your own communities and cities better, how would you envision them to be? We're giving you the tools and challenging you to create and play with your future realities.”

- Our Invitation.

Our migratory experiences

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